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Personalised Travel Designs


Athens & Attica

Discover Athens beyond the city, check out the Riviera and all that the whole of Attica offers, from mountainous forests to seaside delights.


Discovering Evia

An unspoilt, mostly unknown yet stunning island, close to Athens, that you don't need to catch a boat to visit!


Lady Pelloponese

A remarkable destination with such interesting variations in landscape and so many fantastic places to visit, that will leave you mesmerised.

Start designing your ideal trip to Greece here!

In order to guarantee that we always provide superior quality services to you, and to ensure that you will always have a fantastic time, we sometimes have to limit availability of specific services to a reasonable number. Everyone loves additional personal space on their holiday, even more so during the current worldwide public health issues.

In light of the global COVID-19 challenge, we have fully reviewed and updated our services to do our part in you feeling as safe and relaxed as possible during your holidays.

The Path Mission

All of us members of the PATH team have always cherished travelling and experiencing different, fascinating cultures and traditions. Always looking for authentic, lesser known routes and paths since we were teenagers, we developped a deep appreciation for the power of travel.

For its potential to allow us to break free from our everyday routine, paving the way towards such positive processes like rejuvenation, renewal and transformation. Having grown up and lived in several countries, continents and cultures as children and adults, cherishing friendships from across the globe, we always enjoyed the adoption of different ways to view the world.

Greece however always remained our nest, and our source of inspiration.

Following those often long periods of travelling, living, and working abroad, we came to view and appreciate it for what it was: a truly unique destination holding so much, often unrealized, potential.

Each engaged in our own separate professional endeavors in the United Kingdom for the past decade, we watched Greece change, mature and evolve beyond what we once left behind. The magic it holds however remained strong and ever-present. Often hidden underneath the well-known and promoted tourist trails, it is still there to be discovered by the discerning visitor.

You just have to know where to look.

We therefore decided, that a mission worth pursuing, professionally and personally, would be to seek, find and offer you unique and exceptional travel designs and services, in Greece. From travel planning, organizing and finding the best and most tailor-made travel solutions for you, to ultimately ensuring you delight in travel experiences that can hardly ever be forgotten. 

Our aim is for you to get the most out of your trip to Greece.

Path Services

Path Travel Designs is a boutique online travel hub with a taste for authenticity, style and comfort. Our passion for all that is Greece and our deep knowledge of its secrets, beyond the usual tourist routes, guarantees the quality of our services.

Our aim is for you to experience the fabulous trips to Greece you have always desired.

In order to ensure you always feel supported we offer a range of exceptional and exclusive services, tailored to your own likes and needs.

Our specialties include creating superb tailor-made travel designs  for you. We can also provide valuable travel tips for specific destinations if you have already planned your trip.

On our website you can choose between 4 different types of accommodation options. You can pick the one that best suits you, therefore ensuring your stay is as comfortable and smooth as can be.

A select and wide variety of beautiful villas and comfortable homes, meaning flats & maisonettes, all located throughout Greece, can be booked through our two affiliated sites.

We have also personally reviewed and hand-picked a small number of celebrated boutique hotels,  which offer something special, from a superb location, historical significance and a fabulous design, to an outstanding service, remarkable facilities and a unmatched living experience. Often it will be all of the above.

The other option is booking one of the villas we offer as part of our own, exceptional Path Collection. These villas are hand-picked by us because they offer something unique. It may be the location, the views, the architectural traits, the interior design, or anything we feel makes these villas stand out and aligns them with the Path ethos: remarkable, exceptional and distinctive.

If you are up for sightseeing and experiencing Greece and its culture beyond the ordinary usual destinations, we have carefully selected a number of exciting and authentic experiences & activities  you can engage in, as well as various tours and private cruises which will add different perspectives and flavours to your trip.

During your stay, we can be there for you to assist with anything you may need, through our premium concierge services. Anything you wish, we can probably arrange.