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Premium Concierge Services

We are committed to making sure your trip is as comfortable and relaxed, yet as fun and as enjoyable as possible. We offer a wide range of concierge services for you to make use of during your stay in Greece, in order to enjoy full peace of mind.

We aim to cover your each and every need. If there is something that you do not see on our list, contact us.

If possible, we would be happy to help.


Personalised Concierge

We can be there for you throughout your journey, making your trip as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


Transport & Transfers

We can arrange any type of transport, whether by road, by sea or by air, for you.


Meet & Greet

One of our staff can meet you on arrival and welcome you in, to make your stay as smooth as possible.


Guest Support 24/7

We can be available for you, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, should you need us.


Housekeeping Services

A dedicated housekeeper could undertake all domestic affairs, while you enjoy your holiday.


Child Care

Babysitting services can often provide peace of mind and free up time for you to enjoy.


Chefs & Cooks

A dedicated chef or cook could be arranged for you, providing heightened gastronomical experiences throughout your stay.


Wellbeing & Fitness

Personal trainers can assist in you keeping shape, and your workout schedule in order during your holiday.


Security Services

Personal guards and security personnel can be arranged to keep you and your family feeling safe, throughout your vacation.


Ticket Arrangements

Though purchasing sea or bus tickets in a foreign country can often be a time-consuming and puzzling experience, you can have that arranged by us too.


Events & Special Celebrations

We can assist you in organising unforgettable and treasured events on the most special of occasions.



Exclusive and professionally organised wedding celebrations on the most idyllic locations, bound to be unforgettable for you and your guests.
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Yacht, Sailing Boat & Speedboat Charters

Ideal for those appreciating a different level of privacy and autonomy, as well as access to the most magical and untouched locations Greece can offer.


Helicopter & Private Jet Charters

For those seeking exclusive and comfortable travel journeys, all you need to do is ask.


Property Investment Consultation & Viewings

Appointments can be arranged with expert real estate professionals to view properties and discuss current lucrative property investment opportunities in Greece.