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Athens & Attica

The Athens & Attica travel design offers you the opportunity to expand your horizons during your trip to Athens, enjoying so much more than the usual spots in the city.  The Attica region, the municipality and wider geographical area that Athens belongs to, boasts an astounding number of fascinating, interesting, fun & exciting places to visit and enjoy. Enough to cover the tastes and likes of all kinds of visitors. 

Details of the different variations and flavours that this specific travel design can accommodate will be discussed with you personally, so that we can adjust it to your own likes, passions and desires. You can always follow the links leading to our ‘Destinations’ pages to read more about Athens and Attica. A sample of this much sought after travel design, covering Athens and the wider Attica region surrounding it, is presented to you here visually through a series of photos that capture the essence and potential of the region.

Treat is as a visual outline, a taste of some of the fascinating options available to you. After contacting us, you can play around with it as much as you wish. Our specialty lies in helping you mould it into exactly what your heart desires.  

Needless to say, we would, for example, obviously recommend a more archaeology-related focus to history enthusiasts, a larger number of breath-taking nature-related spots and scenic stops to those with a special love for natural environments and a more energetic, adrenaline-packed and thrilling set of options to sports or extreme sports enthusiasts. 

Off course, we will also make sure that those who simply want to use their time in Athens to enjoy the urban, more social life of the area, dip into more delicate gastronomical adventures, sip cocktails along the Riviera, enjoy the azure blue seaside spots the whole of the Attica region offers, and/or perhaps get a taste of the often wild Athenian nightlife, will get exactly what they are after. ☺ 

Why don’t you start by dipping into this initial visual flavour of some of the things you could enjoy in this remarkable area? 

Then you can contact us here to start planning your own fantastic travel design for Athens & Attica.