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The Lady Pelloponese

When trying to write a short piece, a description of all that is the Peloponnese peninsula, one is often left feeling lost, and wondering how to initiate the task. Finding what to focus on and what to include, among the abundant archaeological sites, fantastic places, historical legends, memorable stories, breath-taking landscapes, and awe-inspiring scenes that define and characterise this mythical part of Greece is an arduous and challenging task. One thing is however certain: the Peloponnese is the stuff of legends.

This part of Greece is literally as stimulatingly multi-layered, as geographically and scenically diverse, as historically and culturally rich, and as stunningly charming as it gets. One can swim in turquoise crystal blue waters below medieval castle-towns, ancient city-states of vast archaeological and historical significance and visit places where mythical and celestial beings once walked, their feats frozen in history through myths that are still very much known internationally today.

One can enjoy the vastness of the land, relishing in a secluded and peaceful existence allowing one to connect with the tradition, history and cultural richness that defines the area. Others may choose a different way to experience the Peloponnese, more contemporary, modern and rich in comfort and high end services, catering to the exclusive and the select. The area boasts unlimited potential to please all tastes and styles. One thing is however certain: many have chosen to come back again and again for a whole lifetime, while others have simply decided to relocate to this part of the world permanently after a few visits. Such is the charm of the raw and coarse, yet so exceptionally fine and elegant lady that is the Peloponnese.

Details of the different variations and flavours that this specific travel design can accommodate will be discussed with you personally, so that we can adjust it to your own likes, passions and desires.
You can always follow the links leading to our ‘Destinations’ pages to read more about the Peloponnese peninsula. A sample of this much sought after travel design, covering the whole of the peninsula from tip to toe, is presented to you visually here, through a series of photos that capture the essence and potential of the region.

Treat is as a visual outline, a taste of some of the fascinating options available to you. After contacting us, you can play around with it as much as you wish. You could focus in the areas that most capture your attention, or explore the area in full. Our specialty lies in helping you mould this travel design into exactly what your heart desires.

Needless to say, we would, for example, obviously recommend a more archaeology-related focus to history enthusiasts, a larger number of breath-taking nature-related spots and scenic stops to those
with a special love for natural environments and a more energetic, adrenaline-packed and thrilling set of options to sports or extreme sports enthusiasts. The Peloponnese peninsula offers such unique and remarkable sights and wonders, that you will certainly find exactly what you seek.

Why don’t you start by dipping into this initial visual flavour of some of the things you could enjoy in this remarkable area? Then you can contact us here to start planning your own fantastic travel design for the Peloponnese peninsula.