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All of us members of the PATH team have always loved frequent travelling, discovering new cultures and fascinating traditions, since we were old enough to travel. In essence we have always been looking for authentic, less travelled routes and experiences since our teenage years, holding a deep appreciation for seeking and discovering. Having grown up and living in several countries, continents and cultures as children and adults, attending multinational schools and cherishing friendships from across the globe from an early age, we enjoyed the adoption of different perspectives and ways to view the world. Greece however always remained our most beloved home country, our nest, and our source of inspiration.

It is through these travelling experiences and long periods of living and working abroad that we came to view and appreciate it for what it was: a truly unique destination holding so much, often unrealized, potential. Engaged each in our own successful professional endeavors in the United Kingdom for the past decade, we watched Greece change, mature and evolve beyond what we knew when younger. The magic it holds however remained strong and ever-present. Often hidden underneath the well-known and promoted tourist trails, it is still there to be discovered by the discerning visitor. You just have to know where to look.

Our mission and commitment is to seek, find and offer you unique and exceptional travel designs. From travel planning, organizing and finding the best and most tailor-made travel solutions for your need, to ultimately ensuring you delight in travel experiences that can hardly ever be forgotten. 

The aim is for you to get the most out of your trip to Greece. 

Our services include