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November 3, 2019

Our PATH to Greece!

A Path to Greece: when a simple idea, becomes a dream which turns into reality.

The Idea

The idea for PATH Travel Designs was conceived in 2015 under the blue sky of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea on a sun-drenched afternoon. Sea salt-covered and very content; after a long morning at a ‘secret’ beach that only locals whisper about; my company ended up having the most delicious piece of home-made apple pie in a small village. Friends whose families descended from this area; of extreme natural beauty and wide historical and architectural significance, at least from the turn of the previous century; recommended visiting this village.

The Dream

The specific village had retained it’s early 19th century style and architecture; its cobbled, white-painted alleys leading one furthermore into times; only now seen in pictures illustrated in old worn-out books or heard in stories. Here we were, off the tourist trail, immersed in history and enlightened by the cultural elements surrounding us while we enjoyed Grandma Eleni’s pastries and pies of all sorts, hot from the oven. Our heritage, our love for seeking the authentic and beautiful in all its forms; and our centuries-old relations with specific areas or relationships with people who originated from there; occasionally allowed us to go where few know about or go. It occasionally allowed us to enjoy those rarest simple beauties usually reserved for locals.

For us, this was a possible way of traveling, long tried and much enjoyed. People visiting the same islands would most likely never come across these paths. Their path to Greece; often directed by quaint and ever tried tourist guides and cliché travel brochures, would most likely lead them elsewhere; making their experience perhaps still enjoyable, but not special. The kind you describe as nice. Not the kind you reminisce on for months or years after the end of your holiday. However, a whole different world; more authentic, more fascinating, and richer in experience and pleasure; was just around the corner, waiting to be discovered. We thought those sharing our passion, our love for travel and unique images, sounds, tastes and experiences should have a chance to know where to look.


The idea of PATH was therefore born that lazy, warm and sunny Wednesday afternoon.


Thedi Papaioannou

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