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May 5, 2023

Mykonos guide for cruise ship guests

A cruise ship docked in Mykonos, this guide is for cruise ship passengers

Mykonos is known for its Cycladic architecture, cosmopolitan vibe and luxury accommodation and services. Moreover it is a party scene with beautiful sandy beaches. Background knowledge is key for a fulfilling trip, especially with limited time. So this Mykonos guide is specifically designed for cruise ship guests.

The Basics

Looking to spend a day in Mykonos? It’s a great choice!

A well-planned itinerary can help you maximize your time on this popular Greek island. Mykonos is known for its stunning scenery, vibrant nightlife, and rich history. Despite its small size and population of just 10,000, Mykonos boasts over 600 churches, offering plenty to see and explore. To help you out, we’ve created the ultimate one-day itinerary for Mykonos.

One day in Mykonos guide for cruise ship guests

Arriving in Mykonos

Mykonos is a highly sought-after destination for cruise ship travelers, who often have just one day to spend there. Upon arrival at the new port of Tourlos, visitors have a range of choices as far as getting around in concerned. These include renting a car, taking the bus into town, or opting for a guided tour.

What To See In Mykonos

Boni Windmill & Agricultural Museum

For a breathtaking view of Mykonos, make sure to visit the Boni Windmill. Located on the outskirts of Apano Mili and housed within an open-air agricultural museum showcasing traditional architecture. Dating back to the 16th century, this iconic building is one of the island’s finest examples of architecture.

The museum also features groups of tools, pre-industrial museums, and early industrial era machines. The panoramic views from the windmill are stunning and definitely worth the walk or drive up the hill. This is an ideal starting point for your one-day itinerary on Mykonos.

The Boni wind mill in Mykonos

Mind Mills Of Mykonos

The five windmills of Mykonos as seen from Little Venice

Mykonos is renowned worldwide for its vast collection of windmills. Did you know there are over 16 of them scattered across the island?

Interestingly, the windmills are visible from every point in the Chora (town) of Mykonos. The Venetians built the windmills on Mykonos in the 16th century. They used them to produce wheat, which played a crucial role in the island’s economy for centuries. Although Mykonos’ wheat industry has declined in the 20th century, the island has preserved the windmills as a historical landmark.

Cruise ship passengers can see the five lower windmills, which locals call “Kato Myloi,” upon arrival in Mykonos. These windmills are the most famous on the island and offer a spectacular view.

Visit Little Venice

Visitors to Mykonos anticipate seeing breathtaking white buildings and traditional Greek architecture. Moreover they wish to enjoy delightful local wine and cuisine from numerous picturesque locations with stunning views of the port. For couples seeking a romantic outing, Little Venice is a must-visit destination. It is widely regarded as one of the most romantic spots in Greece that has captured the hearts of many visitors.

In addition, Little Venice offers an ideal setting to savor a sunset meal and cocktail while soaking up the island’s renowned sunshine and unwinding. The charming area also features a plethora of fantastic shops, including quaint and souvenir shops.

Little Venice of Mykonos


Matogiania in Mykonos Town

After taking in the picturesque scenery of Little Venice, it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in some shopping. Matogiania is the ultimate shopping destination in Mykonos, boasting a long alleyway filled with exceptional handmade souvenirs, art, crafts, and international brands.

Stone cobbled alleys & the islands mascot

Exploring the alleys of Mykonos is a delightful experience. And while wandering, you may come across Petros the Pelican, the island’s official mascot. Petros, a white pelican, is well-known among the locals and tourists alike.

The story of Petros: After a fisherman found the white pelican badly injured off the coast, locals on the island of Mykonos honored him. He became a popular part of the community. For decades, visitors would see the pelican flying around the island, making it an iconic symbol. Tragically, after 30 years of fame, the pelican was killed by a car on December 2nd, 1985. Despite this, visitors can still observe many beautiful pelicans flying around the island, even if they are not the original Petros.

Peicans are the mascot of Mykonos Island

Mykonos Churches

There are more than 600 churches on the island of Mykonos, which only has a population of 10,000 people. So let’s be honest: it can be difficult to choose which ones to visit.

One of the best and most famous is the Panagia Paraportiani. It is located at the entrance of Mykonos town, and is considered one of the world’s most photographed churches. The church is the result of the construction of five small churches on top of each other over several centuries.

Another notable church is the Agios Nikolaos, located in Mykonos’s old port, with a distinctive blue dome and a great spot to capture the island’s beautiful skyline.

Day cruise To Delos and Rinia Isle

Cruise ship guests visiting Mykonos often make a point to visit the Delos archaeological site. This is one of the most important historical islands in Greece and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Delos was a significant economic and political power in the first and second centuries CE. The island is only three kilometers in size, making it easy to explore in a day, and there is an archaeological museum providing a comprehensive view of ancient Greece.

The lion found at the Delos Archaeological site

Visit The Beaches

There are many options for those who prefer to spend their time at the beach instead of visiting archeological sites on Mykonos. One recommended option is Platy Yialos Beach, accessible by bus from Mykonos Town. It offers a chance to relax for a few hours and enjoy the various cafes, bars, and restaurants nearby.

Another beach worth considering is Super Paradise Beach, which is not only stunning with crystal clear waters but also a popular party destination during the summer.

Psarrou and Panormos Beach, are two of the most visited beaches on the island. Both beaches have high end beach bars and I would advice making a reservation. Psarou Beach also offers a great walk to Paradise Beach, which is one of the most popular walks in Mykonos.

Mykonos visitors should go prepared when visiting my favorite beach, Agios Sostis. It is not an organized beach, which means no umbrellas, no snacks, no water available.

Getting Around

There are four options available for visitors to Mykonos as far as transportation is concerned:

  • Local Buses

One-day travelers in Mykonos can make use of the local bus service, which is an excellent and cost-effective option. Given the island’s small size, it’s relatively easy to get around via the bus service. However, passengers need to have exact change ready as the bus drivers don’t carry change. For a return journey, travelers will need to purchase two single tickets and have them validated by the driver.

  • Rent A Car

To explore Mykonos conveniently and freely, it’s a great idea to rent a car even though the island is small. Renting a car would save you from the hassle of finding bus stops and waiting for buses, which can be inconvenient, especially if you’re on a one-day itinerary. Parking can be difficult to find in some places, but it’s more manageable during the offseason.

Another option is to rent a scooter, which is popular among tourists as it’s an effortless way to move around, especially if you’re not traveling with family. However, it’s essential to note that scooters can be dangerous especially if you think about the curvy roads. So ensure that your travel insurance covers scooter crashes as many policies don’t include accidents involving scooters or motorbikes.

  • Taxis

Although taxis are a popular means of transportation in Mykonos, there is a significant issue – there are only 30 taxis on the island, so you may experience some waiting times. Nevertheless, taxis are still an excellent way to discover the island, but remember to ensure that the taximeter is always turned on.

  • Hire a driver

Hiring a private driver could be a good option. Especially if you’re short on time and want to visit multiple attractions. It’s completely hassle free. Added bonus you will have a local helping you out who would gladly share his/her inside knowledge.

Mykonos In One Day

Exploring Mykonos in just one day may not be enough time to fully appreciate all that the island has to offer. This is particularly true for its stunning beaches. However, there are still plenty of things to do and see during a short visit.

Remember to pack sunscreen, a hat, comfy shoes and sunglasses for your day of adventure. If you need help planning a personalized itinerary for your one day on the island, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, I hope you have an unforgettable experience in Mykonos!

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