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April 26, 2023

Discover the villages of Santorini

A woman in a white dress sitting while on her way to discover the villages of Santorini

The villages in Santorini have distinct differences, despite the island’s small size and concentrated population. Knowing these distinctions can greatly affect the type of vacation you have on the island. Note that the whole island of Santorini is part of one municipality, Thira, and there are no actual towns on the island. However, understanding the differences among the settlements can be helpful for visitors. And this Santorini guide will help you discover the villages of the island.

The list of villages


Pronounced “Ia”, is the most renowned village in Santorini, recognized globally for its peaceful ambiance and breathtaking sunset views. Many people consider it the most charming and scenic village in Santorini.


Santorini’s capital city, Fira, serves as the primary transportation center for the island. Despite its high tourist activity during the summer season, it provides stunning vistas of the volcano and the renowned caldera.


The location of Imerovigli on a higher cliff expands from Fira. It’s a more peaceful location than Fira and provides exceptionally romantic scenery. The area is continually growing as a tourist destination.


You can reach Firostefani, a small village essentially serving as a suburb of Santorini’s capital, by foot from Fira. It stands out for its conventional design, magnificent panorama, and tourism.


Megalochori, which remains mostly unspoiled by tourism, retains its exquisite architecture, including a charming square, slender streets, Neoclassical mansions, and typical cave houses.


The traditional village of Emporio, located in the southern region of Santorini, primarily owes its recognition to its lively Medieval appearance and the hilltop castle. Extensive vineyards and ancient ruins encompass the village.


Akrotiri, situated near the renowned Red beach and the most significant archaeological site on Santorini, is a conventional village that remains unaffected by mass tourism, making it one of the most tranquil areas on the island.


Pyrgos is an attractive and traditional village that has undergone significant tourism development. It offers breathtaking vistas since it’s constructed on the slopes of a hill.


You can reach Ammoudi by foot as it is located in close proximity to Oia. It’s a tiny port that serves tour boats for the volcano and the nearby island of Thirassia.


Elegant Neoclassical mansions and cave houses characterize the lovely village of Messaria. It remains a peaceful location despite its proximity to Fira and is unaffected by mass tourism.


Situated near the renowned Oia village in Santorini, Finikia is a delightful village. It’s a small settlement with only a few hotels available.

Mesa Gonia

Mesa Gonia, located in the heart of Santorini, is renowned for its longstanding wine-making heritage. The area, surrounded by vineyards and churches, is a petite village.


Due to its central location on the island and proximity to Fira, Karterados has experienced tourism growth, being the nearest village to Santorini airport.


The abundance of cave houses, which are typical of Santorini, mark the architecture of Vothonas, a tiny village constructed in a scenic area.

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