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February 1, 2022

Santorini a romantic destination

A girl overlooking the Santorini Caldera, the most romantic destination in the world, while in a hot tun enjoying a red glass of wine

Santorini is synonymous with pure romance. Positioned among the top twenty bucket list holiday destinations of the world, it radiates its charm to visitors as intensely and as discreetly as the beauty of its character. Boasting a soul-soothing combination of a fabulously impressive, as well as unique landscape and architecture, delicious food, remarkable art exhibits, and a level of history and culture so captivatingly rich that will leave you longing for more, it is a place one could develop a timeless connection with.

All of the above, in conjunction with the rich, diverse and premium quality services provided throughout the island, make Santorini stand out in its unique glory. You could discover a place and experience that can hardly be compared to any other.

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and despite what may be believed by some, Santorini is open and fully welcoming at the moment. Interestingly, it has been described as offering a unique vibe and travel experience during these cooler, less crowded, and more relaxed months of the year.

How about celebrating your pure love and affection this February by spoiling yourself and your partner with a travel experience in this unique destination?

The 5 most romantic places on the island of Santorini.

  1. Oia: the iconic honeymooners’ spot for watching the sunset.

Couples from all over the world visit Oia to enjoy this sought-after phenomenon. The blue domed churches, in between the whitewashed dwellings and the narrow cobbled streets that lead to the end of the village, will only add to the experience. The views of Thirassia, the volcano, as well as the uniquely vibrant colours that form on the Caldera, are definitely sights you must delight in, at least once your lifetime.

  1. Akrotiri: uncover Ancient Greek tales.

With restored archaeological sites dating back as early as 3000BC added to a few of Plato’s writings, and a myth that positions the lost city of Atlantis in Akrotiri, this location is definitely worth spending an afternoon in, would you agree? Being one of the lesser known attractions of the island can only make it even more special.

  1. Imerovigli: a ‘balcony’ on the Aegean.

With structures built amphitheatrically on the highest point of the Caldera cliffs, it is no wonder that this is considered one of the most strikingly beautiful and captivating areas of the island. The area has been of great significance throughout history. Home to the famous rock Skaros, one of the most important of the 5 fortresses of Santorini, it is nowadays a symbol of the island itself.

  1. Beaches: black sand and colourful rock formations.

When the volcano erupted 3,600 years ago, the entire island was covered in pumice, volcanic ash, and lava. These ingredients are what give the black sand beaches their onyx color. Every beach in Santorini is composed of that volcanic mix, in different variations. The level of concentration of each different geological ‘ingredient’ determines the shade of black and the shape, colour and form of every beach you will visit. A unique palette to choose from every day, according to your mood and taste. Fascinating, right?

The most famous black sand beaches are Perivolos, Perissa and Kamari. Just some other of the many beaches worth visiting are the moon-like Vlychada with its pencil grey sand and white rocks, as well as the Red beach, characterised by a redish-black gravel.

  1. Pyrgos: the quieter version of Oia.

A traditional picturesque village, a no-cars zone, and once the first capital of the island. Originally, its name was Kaliisti (meaning ‘the beautiful one’) and its medieval narrow streets, fortified walls and hidden passages combined with its unique Cylcadic architecture, usually leave visitors totally mesmerised. Need I say more?

Experiences just for couples

  1. Set sail on a private cruise.

The Santorini Caldera is a beautiful place to explore. Booking a private cruise is highly recommended. It will grace you with unique views and a chance to get close to some of the more interesting spots. You could swim in the hot springs created by volcanic vents, or take a trek up to the peak of the volcano and have a mud bath at the springs. The place is basically a giant open-air spa, to put it simply, so definitely worth checking out.

  1. Explore the small island of Thirassia

Rediscover the true heart of Greece, and reconnect with the peace of the unique  Cycladic landscape in this superbly quaint and preserved piece of authentic local cultural life.

  1. See the heart of Santorini

The Heart of Santorini is a hole in a rock that’s shaped like a heart, laid on its side. It’s a charming sight that creates a lovely frame for views of the caldera.

  1. Take a private wine tasting tour

Wine-making in Santorini dates back to at least 1200 BC, with some evidence suggesting the industry goes back a further 500 years. The local method of cultivation is to cut the vines back to virtually ground level and then weave the vines into little baskets. The grapes grow nestled within, protected from the strong winds and harsh volcanic sand. The indigenous white Assyrtiko grape is the most commonly grown here. It produces an extremely dry wine with a citrusy, earthly flavour. Cheers!

  1. Watch the sunset

Santorini is famous for its stunning sunsets, with the orange glow of the day’s last light staining the whitewashed walls of the village houses. There are plenty of fantastic spots to enjoy the spectacle from, with the most famous & most popular being in the village of Oia. Some of the more romantic options include the Akrotiri Lighthouse, Franco’s Café in Pyrgos, and Skaros Rock near Imerovigli. Wherever you choose, it’s best to get there and get settled and cosy a little in advance.

  1. Fine dining & cocktails with a view

Santorini is a showcase for Greece’s high-end culinary scene; it’s where up-and-coming chefs and those at the top of their profession are creating dishes so delicious, they can even rival Santorini’s stunning views. Did you know that during spring this year a Nobu Hotel & Restaurant will open on the island?

  1. Romantic walks and unique photoshoots

Nothing beats walking while holding hands with your loved one in a picturesque village of Santorini. Make your trip extra special and memorable with a photoshoot that will capture the magic of the moment.

  1. Declare your love.

Whether it’s a proposal, a wedding celebration, or a vowel renewal, there are moments in life worth treasuring and celebrating in the most unique way. My personal knowledge of the island and little black book of contacts, in combination with this unique landscape, can form the ideal recipe for an unforgettable trip and experience.

Please remember that I am always available to provide you with tips, to offer guidance, or to assist you in perfecting the ideal Travel Design fully tailored to your own tastes and likes, prior to, or during your trip. And having spent 3 years living in Santorini, I can certainly claim to know its every corner and turn.

So, can you picture yourself with your loved one in this most remarkably romantic Greek island this February?

Let me know in the comments below!